thoukididis-sterna-18 thoukididis-sterna-09The cistern 13m depth, built in 1848 collects rainwater, and is therefore greased with ‘Kourasan’, river sand, crushed tile and white of egg. In this place is Sterna housed, a small coffeeshop with traditional products. The visitor, who will find us under the age-old plane in the square, can enjoy at our tables coffee, homemade lemonade and sour cherry juice, wide variety of sweets, pastries, local recipes, pecan pie, revani, kataifi, pispti, oriental recipes, itsli, stafidato, semolina halva with fresh butter and milk, apples and quinces in the oven, cookies with almonds and raisins, moustokouloura, tsipouro (raki) and our wine production.

In our shop you can find products that we make our own, such as
sweets … walnut, quince, fig, grape, eggplant, Pergamon, citron, orange, bitter orange, lemon, apricot, strawberry, sour cherry, cherry, pumpkin, watermelon, rose. Jam with local fruits, such as cornel, Buz, damsons, plums, figs, quinces, strawberries, wild strawberries, apricot, peach, citrus …
Quince paste, kranopasto, lemonopasto. Derivatives of the grape … Wines, tsipouro, liqueurs: cornel, walnut, mint, spearmint, melissovotano, kantharella (mushroom), orange with coffee beans, Pergamon.
Vinegar, zmpeki (walnuts through a string and dipped in jelly), grape – molasses. Herbs … mountain tea, peppermint, spearmint, melissovotano, oregano, St. John’s Wort. Native dried mushrooms,
as vasilomanitara, kantharelles, morchelles, black trumpets. Klitsa from cornel-tree wood. Bellows for the fireplace from black-elderberry wood. We make jewelry and candles with natural wax and have all the necessary for a walk in the woods … maps, pocket knives.
Come meet us, our life is like a fairy tale!

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