thoukididis-kapesovo-food-08thoukididis-kapesovo-food-20In Zagori, cooking was delicious! ! ΤαThe natural ingredients produced on their own, the way of cooking in a pot in the oven and the butter that was the widely used fat, were those that the housewives were transforming into delicious dishes.
The culturalism distinguishes every aspect of life in Zagori due to the imported goods from abroad where they traveled.
Only clean, crisp, delicious flavors remained untouched, because tastier were nowhere to be found. And we, as in all of our activities, considered it important for our guests to have also a tasteful experience. That is why the local cuisine presents dishes that are a true experience for your palate.
Gianna will prepare the dishes you dream of! Pure greek recipes based on the simplest secret…ingredients produced and collected by hand in the purest conditions and the quality that Mother Nature generously provides from the mountains of Kapesovo.

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Greek breakfast to start your day. Greek from nature, mountains and animals of the region. Proud flavors, natural and certainly with the highest nutritional value that one can find on a dish. Fresh mushrooms, gathered in the morning and eaten in the evening, salads grown in the village land, raw materials made by our hands in the traditional way, wine and homemade tsipouro (raki) from the hands of Thoukididis and so on.
Bon appétit!

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